Ozone Generator For Swimming Pool


The state of the art technology High frequency CD Technology Ozone Generator are designed for high performance in low cost .Our Ozonator  works from external oxygen or dry air as feed gas to produce ozone gas. Our Ozonator produces high concentration ozone of upto 8% by weight. Higher the concentration, lesser the oxygen feed needed and better the dissolved ozone efficiency. This Ozonator designed for continuous running and maintenance free operation. Our Ozonator has a wide range of models from 10 g/h to 500 g/h. We have both air and water cooled models-both using specific patented technologies. It has very good life on ozone cells compared with Air Feed Ozone Generators because of moisture free dry oxygen .We also supply suitable high purity Industrial Oxygen concentrators needed for the Ozonators. Upto 50 g/h it is built on glass Reinforced Polyester – GRP enclosure that is safe, rugged, has longer durability and withstands harsh weather conditions. From 100 g/h its built on stainless steel enclosure. This series consumes very little power and is the most compact size across the world.
Features :

  • High Frequency Power supply Circuit
  • Corona discharge Technology
  • EMF controlled Circuit
  • Ozone Block
  • Water cooled ozone Cells
  • GRP Weather proof cabinet
Longer Life Design


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